Welcome to Family Medicine Associates of Midland


Person to person. Physician to patient. Gentle pediatrician to fretful child. This is the way medicine is meant to be practiced: Attentively, observantly, individually. This is why it’s known as an art. Yes, science and technology matter. And yes, we stay on top of both. But the art of medicine always comes first here at Family Medicine Associates. Because that’s the real key to helping everyone in your family feel better.


If you develop Coronavirus symptoms, please call us for guidance on testing. DO NOT come into the office.

At this time we are NOT accepting walk ins!

– If you have traveled in the last 2 weeks, have been on a plane or have been in an airport

– If you have flu like symptoms (i.e. Cough & Fever), or

– If you have been exposed to the coronavirus, or someone who has the virus

CALL US! DO NOT just walk in! We will not see you at this time if you try to walk in. And you will be exposing our staff, patients and others in the practice by stopping in.

If you are experiencing a fever, deep cough, lower respiratory issues, or shortness of breath, please go to the Emergency Room and call 1-800-445-7356. A member of their care team will come to your vehicle to assist you. Please do not walk in.